Project Procedure

For a cooperation the following steps have to be considered:

[qode_workflow animate=”yes” line_color=”#bdc3c7″][qode_workflow_item image_alignment=”left” title=”Feasibility study” text=”A feasibility study for the desired project is available.” image=”19175″][qode_workflow_item image_float=”yes” image_alignment=”right” title=”Business plan” text=”A business plan has been created.” image=”19178″][qode_workflow_item image_alignment=”left” title=”Balance sheets” text=”The balance sheets of the sponsor or the consortium of the last three years are available.” image=”19140″ subtitle=”IFRS ( International Financial Reporting Standards) “][qode_workflow_item image_float=”yes” image_alignment=”right” title=”Supplier contract” text=”A contract has been concluded with the supplier” image=”19144″][qode_workflow_item image_alignment=”left” title=”State guarantees” text=”The German exporter secured his risks with state guarantees. ” image=”19147″][qode_workflow_item image_float=”yes” image_alignment=”right” title=”Deposit” subtitle=”20% of the total contract value” text=”A deposit of 20% can be transferred to an internationally recognized project account.” image=”19150″][qode_workflow_item image_alignment=”left” title=”Refinancing” subtitle=”London or Switzerland” text=”For the refinancing with the bank, an appointment is made in Switzerland or London by the authorized representative. An online access for the financier has been set up. Length of stay for the procedure 2 days.” image=”19152″][qode_workflow_item image_float=”yes” image_alignment=”right” title=”Auditor” text=”An experienced auditor leads the procedure.” image=”19154″][qode_workflow_item image_alignment=”left” title=”EXCIF Inquiry form” text=”These points are also in our inquiry form. If you agree on this procedure, please fill out the form for the respective project.” image=”19157″ subtitle=”Please fill it out. “][/qode_workflow]