There are several market entry options for start-up in OECD and overseas markets, including the appointment of an agent or distributor. This would allow you to proactively market your products and sell them to local customers. When creating the presentation, several options must be checked.

Our services:

  • Identification of qualified agents or distributors, selection and appointment
  • Negotiation support and draft contract
  • Performance assessment of existing distributors

Location determination

Based on the results of the market entry assessment, your company may want to localize activities. Potential market entry options therefore include the establishment of an agency, office, Wholly owned subsidiary office (Ltd., Joint Stock Company) or own (in-house) production facility (Greenfield, Brownfield).

Our services:

  • Identification and assessment of optimal legal structures
  • Integration of local units and incubation services
  • Greenfield / Brownfield Foundation (site survey, special investment zones, obtaining permits, negotiations with authorities, coordination of construction).

Partnerships & transactions

An efficient market entry option is to partner with a local company to benefit from existing platforms and distribution networks. Mergers & Acquisitions (M & A) could strengthen your company’s presence in growth markets.

Our services:

  • JV and M & A candidate identification
  • Due diligence (commercial, legal, tax, operational)
  • Deal structure and negotiation support

Company formation

One of the most important steps in your market entry is choosing the right legal entity and developing a suitable business structure. However in the growth markets,  the legal frameworks differ markedly. Our local teams have insights into the available options and the most appropriate solutions for your ambitions.

Our services:

  • Formation (Shareholder Documents, directors Agreements and Articles of Association)
  • Support in discussions with local government agencies
  • Establishment of board and structure
  • Establishment of board of management and structure

Frequently asked questions

Do you have questions about our services? We have compiled the most frequently asked questions and answers for you.

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