Business intelligence

Business Intelligence

Support in market and industry research

The successful business development in high-growth markets is highly dependent on solid business intelligence. By identifying the right destination countries, markets and customers for your products and services, you can maximize ROI (Return on Investment) and ensure sustainable overseas business.

Our services:

  • Identification and selection of promising countries, markets and opportunities for your products and services
  • Assessment the Business Environment
  • Understanding of decision-making processes and identification of key opinion leaders

Investment preparation and feasibility studies

Commercial and technical studies can help your company secure overseas orders without having to compete with  low-price competitors. Negotiations can be achieved by developing a sustainable strategy adapted to local circumstances.

While determining the feasibility of planned investments, we work with your team and technical specialists to assess the economic, technical, social, environmental, institutional, political and financial viability of the proposed investment. The result is a business plan that meets the needs and expectations of decision makers.

Risk Assessment

The risks associated with market entry are often seen as motives for avoiding or limiting of the expansion into new promising markets. An appropriate risk assessment prior to such entry, which includes the political and economic climate, the exchange rate, legal requirements and environmental impacts, reduces the negative impact on your business.

Our services:

  • Identification of potential political, financial and industry risks before entering the market
  • Recognizing how risks affect the business
  • Development of mitigating measures for ongoing risks

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