Post-entry services


Recruitment of key-personnel

Selling to clients and working with vendors, who do not speak your native language can be a significant complication for any business owner. Apart from language, other cultural values can also be an obstacle to successful business expansion.

The people you employ need to get used to the local economy and should be fully committed to serving your interests.

Our services:

  • Coordination of search, interview, shortlisting and appointment processes
  • Key personnel recruitment, background checks (criminal, reputation, training and employment)
  • Industry-specific wages, social benefits, taxes, health and life insurance benefits
  • Facilitation of employment contracts

Tax & legal compliance

Compliance with laws and regulations in the country where you operate is not a choice; it is a requirement that every foreign company must fulfill. Key challenges include missing and/or outdated permits, licenses, permits, certifications, intellectual property protection, insurance cover and mandatory employment contracts.

Our services:

  • Compliance check
  • Identification of missing documents and improvement plan

Branding & Marketing

As a creative consultant, our partner  oonio  design  is our specialist for all questions concerning branding, marketing and brand positioning. oonio is a team of designers and creative specialists. They ask questions and are satisfied only when they have come to the heart of a matter, because for oonio design is not an aesthetic but primarily a substantive issue.

Our services:

    • Market and customer strategy
    • Brand and customer analysis
    • Market segmentation
    • Corporate Design & Brand positioning
      • Brand platform
      • Naming
      • Corporate Identity
      • Print Design
      • Webdesign
      • Video & Film
      • Social Media